22 April 2017

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You know when you move, you pack all your belongings in boxes, throw away a lot of stuff you no longer think are important or useful, and you find things you thought were lost forever? It's the perfect opportunity for a bit of spring cleaning.

I know from firsthand experience, since we moved two weeks ago. (We have unpacked everything but a box of shoes, despite the toddler's 'help'.)

Now I am doing the same to my blog. Since I copied ALL of my posts from livejournal over here, and I plan to delete my lj account, I'll only be doing the editing once, over here.

I'm starting from the dawn of time (at least from 2004, which is when I opened my account), tagging posts, polishing and reposting fic I COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY FORGOT ABOUT* on AO3, and probably deleting broken links and rants.

Please do NOT browse any tag other than BBC Sherlock related ones, as I might have rushed through a few crappy posts just for tags, and than realised I might not keep them.

[* The main reason is that they are 13 years old. Teenager fics. All pimply, unbetaed and ungrammatical. Quite nightmarish.]
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As I was looking for a fic missing from my Fic Masterlist that I was adamant I had posted (I had, I just forgot to put a link to it ANYWHERE on my lj), I found 3 more that were finished and wrapped and ready to be double-checked and posted.

So, straight from 2012 (I think), another Sherlock fic.

Rating: Pg
Pairing: Lestrade/Mycroft
Word Count: 3435
Summary: Mycroft is obsessed, not that he'd ever admit it, even to himself. Lestrade is pissed off by his antics.
Title: Obsessed )


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