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General disclaimer: I own nothing and no one, if I did it would be slavery, and they tell me it's not good.

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BBC Sherlock

Gen (Some not for lack of trying)

That Jerk of My Brother
Pg-13 – (language, Mycroft!centred) Mycroft wakes up with absolutely no recollection of the previous night and a series of messages he left to himself.

Korean Elections
G+ - (Mycroft!centred) Mycroft is so tired he falls asleep in 221B, Sherlock tucks him in.

Mycroft Cares
G – (Holmeses!centred) A companion to ‘Korean Elections’, Sherlock falls asleep at Mycroft’s. He takes care, as usual.

Perfect Murder
Pg – (language, murder, MAIN CHARACTER DEATHS, ANGST, DARK!Sherlock) Jim succeeds in burning the heart out of Sherlock, he retaliates.

G – 221B drabble. Sherlock plays Risk online at night.

Not Exactly Prince Charming
G - 221B drabble. Jim can charm any elderly landlady he wants.

All the World's a Stage
Pg - (IMPLIED CHARACTER DEATH) Moriarty had never liked comedies; his life was made for tragedies like those written by the great classic authors.

Anderson's Epic Diary of Glittery Doom
Pg-13 - (a bit of SEX IMPLIED, UST?) Anderson keeps a diary. It's sort of cracky. See the Yard* through the eyes of the most hated man on the job. [* Dinosaur shaped lenses are not available in all Countries.]

Mycroft and Sherlock Take the Bus
G - Rather self-explanatory: Mycroft and Sherlock have to take the bus to go from A to B.

Pg-13 - 221B (ANGST, CHARACTER DEATH, DARK!FIC) Jim Moriarty, Sebastian Moran, a knife and eternity.

A Joke
G - Sherlock tells a joke.

With You It's a Game.
G - Sherlock chases Moriarty to the top of a building. Things are not as they seem.

John/Sherlock (Or the other way round, when in doubt I alphabetise)

Greebo, Or the Infernal Cat That Made John’s Life (More) Miserable
Pg – John and Sherlock end up cat-sitting for Harry. Sherlock and the cat get along. Maybe too well.

Needing vs Wanting

Pass Me My Phone
Pg-13 – Five times Sherlock asked John to get his phone from his pockets, and the one time the phone wasn’t there

Not Paranoid
Nc-17 – Sherlock has a perfectly sound reason to get into the shower with John: he’s looking for hidden cameras Mycroft has planted in the flat.

Sibling Rivalry
R – DRABBLE (Mycroft/John implied)

Pg – A tenor gets murdered and Sherlock speaks Italian while not paying attention.

Board Games
Pg - Sherlock wakes up into a game of Cluedo and the characters are Mrs. Hudson, John, Mycroft etc. He investigates the murder of Mr Black.

The Jelly Bean Conspiracy
Pg-13 - Sherlock is bored, John has a bag full of jelly beans, they make an experiment out of it.

Pg-13 - Only Sherlock Holmes would run to the dictionary after having someone declare their love for him.

John/Mycroft (I cannot believe it took me so long to put up this pairing!)

The Case of the Missing Dog
Pg - (Making fun of the Royal family) One of the Queen's beloved dogs go missing. A resident of 221B sets out to find it, and it's not Sherlock.

Pg - Mycroft had only gone to the surgery to talk to John in private; it became a full check-up as soon as he absentmindedly mentioned his headaches and the last time he had the time to get himself examined.

Lestrade/John (Does it count too if it’s only imagined?)

John’s Solo
Nc-17 – (PWP) John masturbates thinking of Lestrade.

Irresistible Pull
Pg – DRABBLE Sherlock walks in on them.

Lestrade/Mycroft (Or: what can turn me into an incoherent puddle of goo)

Pg-13 – a 221B drabble.

Inanimate Doesn’t Mean Heartless
Pg – (A bit of ANGST, but a happy ending) A love story between Mycroft’s Umbrella and Lestrade’s Notebook. (Lestrade/Mycroft is on the background)

Perfectly Timed
Nc-17 - (this one is your KINKY PWP! Mild BONDAGE, ORGASM DENIAL, POWER PLAY, RIMMING, also, Bearded!Mycroft and Lestrade) Mycroft teases Lestrade in bed. (yep, that's ALL the plot)

Pg - 221B drabble, Lestrade does something no one has ever done for Mycroft. He reads him a story.

Old Memories
Pg - Only few people are aware of that tiny scar on Mycroft's thigh; fewer still have asked how he got it, and Mycroft never told anyone.

An Unconventional Affair
Pg - (L/M barely hinted at the end) Quitting smoking with Sherlock was a warpath, an adventure and a secret affair. It was exciting and it could get him in trouble in five different ways, and that was probably why Lestrade went along with it in the first place.

Four a.m.
Nc-17 - (PWP) This used to be their time, now it was consecrated to sleep.

Pg - Mycroft is obsessed, not that he'd ever admit it, even to himself. Lestrade is pissed off by his antics.

Lestrade/Sherlock (That’s where my mind goes on vacation)

Who Can Do Better
Pg-13 – five things Sherlock can do better than Lestrade, and the one thing only Lestrade can do

Universal Law of Gravitation, part 1/3
Nc-17 – How Lestrade and Sherlock met, one cold November night in 2005 and what inevitably happened.

Universal Law of Gravitation, part 2/3
Nc-17 – (Sherlock recites the periodic table) a vignette of a moment in between those 5 long years they have known each other.


Insert Punchline Here
Pg-13 – (language, violence) Lestrade, Sherlock, a fistfight (a doctor) and a punchline.

Just Another Day
Pg - It's Sherlock birthday and everyone seems to insist on celebrating it, except a certain detective inspector.

A Form of Art
Pg-13 - A quiet night at Lestrade’s flat. The Inspector wants to watch TV and relax. Sherlock wants to run to the bedroom. They settle for an art lesson, with Lestrade as instructor.

Duvet Day
Pg-13 - (Mild VIOLENCE, SUICIDE Discussed) This Sunday was by no means unlike a dozen others, the two of them under Lestrade’s duvet, sitting side by side at the head of the bed, each of them engrossed in his own laptop. A gruesome death bothers the DI, while Sherlock seems unaffected by it.

John/Lestrade/Sherlock (Or: what happens in Baker Street, stays in Baker Street)

Awaiting Gratification
Nc-17 – (PWP) Sherlock/John, Lestrade/Sherlock.

Mycroft/John/Sherlock (Or: the surest way I am going to hell)

R - Five differences between Sherlock and Mycroft, and one way in which they are just the same

Mycroft/Lestrade/Sherlock (Or: I needed directions while on my way to hell)

"The Complexity of Dealing With the Holmeses":
Pg-13 - A series of three 221B drabbles (Lestrade/Sherlock, Lestrade/Mycroft, Mycroft/Lestrade/Sherlock):
Having the Last Word
The Art of Making Compromises

Anderson/Sherlock (Here comes the CRACK. Or the epic hate!sex)

Pg-13 – (mention of dinosaurs, CRACK!) a text!fic

Not!Anthea/Molly (there is NEVER enough femslash. Ah, glorious, gratuitous femslash. But I promise there'll be more)

Of Chocolate Éclairs and Riding Crops
Nc-17 – Mycroft is on a diet, Anthea helps him take his mind off food.

Jim/Molly (Cue: obession, need, strumentalization and gay underwear)

Molly Hooper
G - 221B drabble. It was too easy to dismiss Molly as the sweet, shy, insignificant morgue attendant.

Jim/Sherlock (The road to hell is paved with my fic... :9 )

A Moriarty Christmas
Pg – Moriarty wants Sherlock for Christmas, and he can’t very well ask Santa. He thinks of a plan.

Of Madness and Madmen
Pg - Sherlock thrives off adrenaline and danger. For that, Moriarty is better than everything else.

Jim/John (This can be summarized by 'No, I don't bloody love you, you psychopath! Just... it's just sex! Amazing, wonderful, mindblowing, but just sex!)

Not Even If My Life Depended On It
R - 221B drabble (KNIFE PLAY, DUB-CON, ASPHYXIATION) Moriarty wants something and John is adamant on not giving in. how did it all fit into 221 words?

Jim/Mycroft (An evil mastermind and the British government playing a dangerous game...)

Pg - 221B drabble. By now Mycroft has learned how to deal with Moriarty in bed.



Gen (Oldies but... not!goodies)

Men's (Weird) Customs
G - DRABBLE At the end of Return of the King... Sam doesn't understand Elvish.

Still not...
G - DRABBLE Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli make camp. Aragorn talks... to his sword.


Star Trek: TOS

Gen (I keep writing very rude summaries)

Lunchtime on the Enterprise
G - DRABBLE Kirk is being paranoid again.


Star Trek: TNG

Q/Picard (There literally is NO room for anything else in my mind in this universe)

Sleeping Alone
G - DRABBLE Q doesn't leave Picard alone.


Star Trek: ENT

Gen (I will love this show forever - unless they ruin it with more reboots)

A Visit to Sickbay



Lex/Clark (I completely forgot the chemistry between those two!!!)

When night falls

Muffin Blues
Pg - DRABBLE (Muffin POV) If only muffins could talk...


BBC Merlin

Gwaine/Merlin (No, I haven't forgotten this)

Gwaine and Merlin's Epic Gay Epistolary Adventures part 2 & 4,
Pg to Pg-13 - an epistolary fic between [livejournal.com profile] folkhore and me, she wrote the brilliant letters by Gwaine, I tried my best with Merlin.
Drunken rambling (almost)in poetry about Gwaine wanting to get in Merlin's pants and his general obliviousness.



Gabriel!Dean/Sam (Am I going to hell too? Oh, definitely)

From Fantasy to Reality
Pg-13 - DRABBLE (Almost INCEST) Sam has a guilty fantasy, Gabriel helps him realise it safely


RPS (These be friends locked)

Mark Gatiss/Benedict Cumberbatch (Oh, the sheer perfection of them)

Not Made Of Stone
Nc-17 - (PWP) Mark might be married, but he's not made of stone.

Sean Bean/Viggo Mortensen (I'll NEVER stop thinking about those two)

G - DRABBLE (Sean's POV) While filming The Lord of the Rings Viggo has trouble processing Boromir's death.

Chris Noth/Mikhail Baryshnikov (Seriously, I wrote what?!)

Pg - DRABBLE Mikhail accepts to go out for drinks after wrapping the last episode up.
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