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Windows 7 (preinstalled, and my fiancée won't let me put linux on the netbook because he wouldn't be here to help should something stop working) is being annoyingly smug at me. It states the obvious, something I can barely tolerate in my mother, why should I endure from my computer?

Also, I feel a gravitational pull towards dramatic long names for folders.
The only upside of not having Windows 3.1 anymore I guess. (still, I miss it)

The cat always knows how and where to find me when he wants to be petted and then cuddled into sleep, it might have something to do with me letting him use me as a pillow. But he's warm and I'm always complaining about the cold. And unlike my hot water bottle, he purrs.
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Today it was just the usual (without rain for a pleasant surprise!).

And since I'm always complaining like an 80-years-old...

I think I might be developing a bit of a sore throat, which isn't so good, especially since I haven't been ill since I arrived in France.
I know it's just a month, but factoring in the climate change, the different language and general bureaucracy stress caused to the average Erasmus, plus my natural inclination to adopt and nurture the slightest bug, it's nothing short of a miracle that I haven't fallen ill before!

The cat has adopted the habit of sleeping on my bed during the day and in the laundry basket at night. I don't mind, he's a clean house cat and the clothes are there to be washed and already covered in cat hairs.
Also, the contents of my wardrobe gravitate towards white and jedi-approved colours (so, not exactly colours) apart from underwear and socks, but my flatmate favours dark colours and above all black. (ah, it's like I'm living with a 19 years-old French version of myself! She even reads fanfiction! -but het- Now I feel like M. did meeting me!)
Obviously, the cat is VERY white.
He just has two stripy spots on his head and 90% of his tail.

Today at Uni we watched Chabrol's adaptation of Mme Bovary.
Not bad, but you feel every minute of the 2h30 of it.
It's for a class of General and Compared Litterature: The Adaptation of a Novel to a Film.
The Biblio/Filmography is enormous, and includes at least 4 different movie adaptations of Mme Bovary.
The upside is seeing a clip from Monthy Python and the Holy Grail in class. Used as an example of adaptation of the medieval world. (long story, really, but it's bound to draw a smile).
I just wish our professor would stop wearing his really tight-fitting shirts. You're a professor at University, not a pole dancer in a gay club.

And completely unrelated, I'm cancelling the subscription to the writer's block suggestion on LJ. Today's was offering a choice.
Would I rather be really intelligent and averagely rich or viceversa?
Really intelligent without even blinking.
And not because I already am quite smart (and absolutely NOT modest at all regarding my IQ).
But because if you are really incredibly intelligent you can become rich. Just go to a casino and count the cards at BlackJack.
I am disappointed by the stupid question.
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There's something wrong.
I'm eating, better, but not really carefully less, if anything I feel like I'm eating more and more of the things I like lately. And considering the fact that here's at least 5°C colder than what I'd like it to be
Apparently I'm also losing weight.
I'm talking about the kick ass jeans I bought last week that were 50% off. Now they give up to gravity and slowly sink towards my ankles.
They were fine when I bought them, I brought them home and washed them at 30°C, using fabric softener. (not like what my flatmate did with the other pair, which ended up in a washing cycle at 60°C when their label clearly states 40°)
I have to wear a belt. On my new jeans. And I'm in that week of the month in which to feel bloaty and water retentive.
I guess I should be happy about finally shedding those last pounds that were annoying me but... :|

Also, the cat tried to gain his freedom. By exploring my skylight and almost falling down the roof. I've never been more scared! He was barely within my reach!
But now he's safe and sound inside, destroying the curtains like there's no tomorrow. Or chasing his own tail. I'd better check what he's doing to make all this racket.


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