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Something else that was floating around in my inbox, which I more or less finished but never polished... Unbetaed, but out for the world to see.

Rating: Pg-13
Pairing: Lestrade/Sherlock
Word Count: 1951
Warnings: Depiction of violence, mentions of suicide, but nothing applies to the boys
Summary: This Sunday was by no means unlike a dozen others, the two of them under Lestrade’s duvet, sitting side by side at the head of the bed, each of them engrossed in his own laptop.
A gruesome death bothers the DI, while Sherlock seems unaffected by it.
Title: Duvet Day )
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As I was looking for a fic missing from my Fic Masterlist that I was adamant I had posted (I had, I just forgot to put a link to it ANYWHERE on my lj), I found 3 more that were finished and wrapped and ready to be double-checked and posted.

So, straight from 2012 (I think), another Sherlock fic.

Rating: Pg
Pairing: Lestrade/Mycroft
Word Count: 3435
Summary: Mycroft is obsessed, not that he'd ever admit it, even to himself. Lestrade is pissed off by his antics.
Title: Obsessed )
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I got absolutely sick of this sitting in my WIP folder, so I'm kicking it on stage for all the world to see (at least those masochistic enough to want to read it).

Rating: Pg-13
Characters: Lestrade, Sherlock, Mycroft
Word Count: 660
Summary: Quitting smoking with Sherlock was a warpath, an adventure and a secret affair. It was exciting and it could get him in trouble in five different ways, and that was probably why Lestrade went along with it in the first place.
Title: An Unconventional Affair )
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And posting here my contribution to TGIO for March, where the theme was OLDER/YOUNGER.

This story is not exactly original as it is inspired by what happened between my father and his baby brother a long time ago.
If you have already read the entries over at [livejournal.com profile] thegameison_sh, you might remember it as #25.

Rating: Pg
Characters: Sherlock, Mycroft, Mummy, Lestrade (a wink to Mycroft/Lestrade too)
Word Count: 750
Summary: Only few people are aware of that tiny scar on Mycroft's thigh; fewer still have asked how he got it, and Mycroft never told anyone.
Title: Old Memories )
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This is just a quick present for [livejournal.com profile] blooms84, to thank her for all her amazing betaing. (ps: feel free to scream at any error in this :P)

Rating: Pg or maybe even G
Pairing: Lestrade/Mycroft
Word Count: 221B
Summary: Lestrade does something no one has ever done for Mycroft. Something very sweet. He reads him a story.
Title: Bedtime )
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As per your request, [livejournal.com profile] thimpressionist , your crackfic.

Rating: Pg
Pairing: Anderson/Lestrade one-sided
Word Count: 355
Summary: (a bit of SEX IMPLIED, UST?) Anderson keeps a diary. It's sort of cracky. See the Yard* through the eyes of the most hated man on the job. [* Dinosaur shaped lenses are not available in all Countries.]
Title: Anderson's Epic Diary of Glittery Doom )
and finally... if you want there's more! Part 2
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Just reposting to do a little bit of housekeeping, my contribution for the Secret Santa fest over at [livejournal.com profile] 221b_slash_fest, my gift for [livejournal.com profile] unovis_lj, who in turn wrote me the most lovely Mystrade ever. Here if you're curious.

Rating: Pg-13
Pairing: Lestrade/Sherlock
Word Count: 1391
A/N: written in response to [livejournal.com profile] unovis_lj's Christmas request prompt. Betaed by [livejournal.com profile] crocodile_eat_u and contro-betaed by [livejournal.com profile] 2ndskin who did such a wonderful job of inspiring and analyzing that she inspired the ending (with which I had had a big loud fight). Thank you in the form of hugs or puppies - or anything of your choice, really - to follow.
Summary: A quiet night at Lestrade’s flat. The Inspector wants to watch TV and relax. Sherlock wants to run to the bedroom. They settle for an art lesson, with Lestrade as instructor.
Title: A Form of Art )
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Just a quick something for [livejournal.com profile] fengirl88, a humble offering for the holidays, completely unfixed...

Rating: Pg
Pairing: Lestrade/Sherlock
Word Count: 1043
A/N: a bit of humour, no heat, sorry [livejournal.com profile] fengirl88.
Summary: It's Sherlock birthday and everyone seems to insist on celebrating it, except a certain detective inspector.
Title: Read more... )
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Ok, this literally didn’t let me sleep. It took me out of my hot bed and warm boyfriend (or was it the other way round?) at an ungodly hour to start writing it. (Took me a LONG time to gather the courage to finish and post it.)
Now I can go back to procrasturbating... *whistles nonchalantly*

Rating: Nc-17
Pairing: Mycroft/Lestrade
Word Count: who cares! I mean, 1300
Warnings: this one is KINKY! Mild Bondage, Orgasm Denial, Power Play, Rimming (is it a poker?)
A/N: this is for you [livejournal.com profile] thimpressionist because your picspams have the ability to turn my brain to mush and our conversations (and your fic!) make dirty, dirty thoughts pop in my mind, and for [livejournal.com profile] 2ndskin because she's the other one who encouraged more Bearded!Mycroft fics. Also, to whomever likes the man with a beard. Come out and claim a bit of dedication. I know you're there.
Also, completely, utterly and gloriously unbetaed.
Summary: Mycroft teases Lestrade in bed. (yep, that's ALL the plot)
Title: Perfectly Timed )
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Today I give the world... a Christmas present for [livejournal.com profile] blooms84
Something... different. But in a world where you can find Sherlock/coat porn fics, and (apparently) Sherlock/skull art... there is room enough for some chaste romance between everyday objects, right?

Rating: Pg-13
Pairing: Mycroft's Umbrella/Lestrade's Notebook, (Mycroft/Lestrade as a background)
Word Count: 1345
A/N: this is a love story between two inanimate objects. It was born of a misunderstanding between me and [livejournal.com profile] blooms84, it was developed seriously as a dare from [livejournal.com profile] crocodile_eat_u, who said 'don't make it cracky', the happier ending is thanks to Christmastime.
Dedicated to you, girls!
Warnings: contains a bit of ANGST
Title:Inanimate Doesn't Mean Heartless )
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A third 221B drabble as a followup to the previous two here

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] blooms84 for making me unable to think about anything else.

Rating: Pg+
Pairings: Lestrade/Mycroft, Lestrade/Sherlock, a hint of implied Mycroft/Lestrade/Sherlock
Word Count: 221 (the last word starting with B)
Title: The Art of Making Compromises )
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The two drabbles are linked but not necessarily.
Both drabbles are:

Rating: Pg-13
Pairing: Lestrade/Mycroft, Lestrade/Sherlock
Word Count: 221 (the last word starting with B)

Title: Paranoia )

Title: Having the Last Word )
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Thought, planned and written in a day.
Quickly patched up by croc <3.

I give you a much needed... fistfight.

Rating: Pg-13 (for language and violence)
Characters: Sherlock, Lestrade, John
Word Count: 1000
A/N: betaed by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] crocodile_eat_u
Summary: Lestrade, Sherlock, a fistfight (a doctor) and a punchline.
Title: Insert Punchline Here )
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Well, it seemed only fair to do My and Lestrade as well...

Ok,this is silly.

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(Why do I keep writing BBC Sherlock in the header? Have I written anything else so far?)

Another little contribution to the kissing meme.
This time it's Sherlock/Lestrade. Something that had been sitting in my harddrive for a while, hidden in a .txt file I use for quickly writing notes.

Rating: Pg
Pairing: Sherlock/Lestrade
Word Count: 113
Title: Perfection )
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My humble little contribution to the kissmeme.

Rating: Pg
Pairing: John/Lestrade (and a hint of Sherlock)
Word Count: 150
Title: Irresistible Pull )
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Because I can never leave word alone, and know not when something is too sucky to stop writing it;

a 221b ficlet!

Rating: Pg-13 ? seriously I don't know
Pairing: Lestrade/Mycroft
Word Count: 221b (last word beginning with b)
Title: Unexpected )
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I have a dirty mind, but then it's not my fault Lestrade is so... NGHHHH. Yes, that's the most coherence I can muster at the moment.
Last night [livejournal.com profile] fengirl88 posted some delicious, toe-curling hand!porn and inspired me to write some porn of my own.

Rating: Nc-17 (PWP)
Pairing: it's tricky, Sherlock/John, Sherlock/Lestrade, both established somehow.
Word Count: 1155 (not bad considering there is NO plot)
A/N: Dedicated to and inspired by [livejournal.com profile] fengirl88's icon: (made by [livejournal.com profile] eumelkeks)
Title: Awaiting Gratification )
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Because I should post it before I get (virtual) cold feet and procrastinate all the way to Illneverpostitbecauseitsucks-land. (I'm an honorary citizen now.)

The part with the PeriodicTable!porn.

Rating: Nc-17
Pairing: Lestrade/Sherlock (like my mind could think of another pairing right now)
Word Count: 3163
Summary: (Sherlock recites the periodic table) a vignette of a moment in between those 5 long years they have known each other.
Title: Universal Law of Gravitation part 2/3 )
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And finally, after a week spent obsessing over it and polishing until it shines... the first part of the Lestrade/Sherlock fic. This part deals with my idea of the first time DI Lestrade met Sherlock Holmes. (Also, there isn't much plot)
I'm done with it, but I just hope Lestrade/Sherlock inspiration will not stop waking me up in the middle of the night (when I'm too sleepy to take notes, unfair!).

I'm posting now (and not writing for my NaNoWriMo) because now I have internet access! and then I will spend 6 hours crossing France in train.
Is there anyone in Paris around 20:00? :P

Rating: Nc-17
Pairing: Lestrade/Sherlock
Word Count: 4324
Summary: How Lestrade and Sherlock met, one cold November night in 2005 and what inevitably happened.
Title: Universal Law of Gravitation part 1/3 )


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