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I finished sprucing up this blog...
The links should all be working, my fics should all be formatted properly, tagged, spellchecked and crossposted to AO3, tags should have been wrangled, and embarrassing stuff should have been removed or hidden into an aptly named Google Drive folder: Old Fics of SHAME!!!, for your entertainment information.

I'll fix what needs fixing, repost what bears reposting, make public what should be and hide under the friendlist!carpet what is more personal.

Feel free to browse the NEW! UPDATED! and EXPANDED! Fic Masterlist.

Fun fact: after posting some - this bears repeating - 13 years old drabbles on AO3, I noticed that at least ONE person liked them (YAY) but.... apparently NOONE liked one of my favourite Moriarty fic. I understand, that one was hard to love. But it breaks my little (black) heart.

EDIT: Aaaaand I've given my 60 days notice to my livejournal. Bye bye.
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You know when you move, you pack all your belongings in boxes, throw away a lot of stuff you no longer think are important or useful, and you find things you thought were lost forever? It's the perfect opportunity for a bit of spring cleaning.

I know from firsthand experience, since we moved two weeks ago. (We have unpacked everything but a box of shoes, despite the toddler's 'help'.)

Now I am doing the same to my blog. Since I copied ALL of my posts from livejournal over here, and I plan to delete my lj account, I'll only be doing the editing once, over here.

I'm starting from the dawn of time (at least from 2004, which is when I opened my account), tagging posts, polishing and reposting fic I COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY FORGOT ABOUT* on AO3, and probably deleting broken links and rants.

Please do NOT browse any tag other than BBC Sherlock related ones, as I might have rushed through a few crappy posts just for tags, and than realised I might not keep them.

[* The main reason is that they are 13 years old. Teenager fics. All pimply, unbetaed and ungrammatical. Quite nightmarish.]
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This will probably sound like a really bad cliché, but it's true (sadly? funnily? you decide).

As I might have mentioned, the boyfriend is working for a company implementing internet security...
Long story short, biggest conglomeration of geeks ever. (And yes, they do call themselves geeks).

The floor my fiancé works at has decided to buy a top of the range espresso machine, (split between all of them it wasn't so expensive) and they have a cupboard with coffee pods (?) of every possible brand to be found on either side of the French border (living 20km from it has its advantages, I reckon), perfectly organised with prices per pod and a schedule to refurbish the cupboard.

Today the espresso machine broke.

It was chaos, mayhem and despair all over the floor (ok, I might be exaggerating a bit) for the major caffeine withdrawal.

They held a funeral (mock, but I'm not joking, they really did!) for the espresso machine before calling technical support.

-------And I don't even like coffee.
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In 'A Study In Pink', Sherlock sends Lestrade a text saying: "You know where to find me. SH" right?
But that's BEFORE he moves in to 221B.

And yet, the day John moves in, here is Lestrade.
Did Sherlock text him his new address as soon as he placed the skull on the mantel?
(probably thinking it was more convenient, no doubt)

-just speculating, bear with me.
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100th LJ post!

NaNo is finally over for me, and with a painful, long-suffered victory.

30 days, 93 pages, 50,081 words, 276,218 characters, 500g of Belgian Chocolates, one Windows crash & reboot (today, the bastard had to die TODAY!) three seasons of Enterprise and countless cups of tea later, I am done. Finished, finito, finis!

Now I have some free time. I am afraid I don't remember what I can do with it anymore.

Maybe I should start a caffeine-detox routine.
I'll need someone to sit on me and hold me down while I beg for 'another cup of tea, please, I need my darjeeling!'

Or maybe I could sleep. Hm, sleep sounds heavenly. When was the last time I slept well?
October you say? October, then.

I can read all those delicious fanfiction I have been denying myself (only these last few days :P ).

I could go and do the Christmas shopping. Decorate the flat!

Or... I could go and buy myself shoes. Yes. THESE. )
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Am I the only responsible adult around that eats the ends of sliced bread?
Because it's unbelievably annoying when you get a packet from the shelf that contains only 2 slices of the original 24 and those two are both ends.

I'm starting to be pissed off.
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I have moved to France a month ago.
On the 1st of September I hopped on a flight from Nice to Rennes to start my Erasmus year in said town.
Big change, but not an enormous one.
I found a two-bedroom apartment near the centre of town and a flatmate so we could both afford it.
(sadly reminiscing about Arthur Conan Doyle here!)
I got possession of the upstairs bedroom and acquainted myself with the cat. Then with the flatmate.
My first days are a bit hard, I'm not used to speaking French continuously, and my vocabulary is lacking a great deal of words. English swoops in and saves the day once more.

I'm here with a new netbook (bought 2 days before my departure, so I didn't have enough time to tinker with it as I'd liked) and so I left a lot, a LOT of things home.
Like, the contents of my hard disk, a coat, my shirts and more unnecessary but comforting things you like to have with you.

The only thing I brought with me were the episodes of BBC's series Sherlock, which I've watched a total of 3 times by now, and am convinced I'll watch them again before the next season is aired next year.

I became vegan.
I bought a new water filter jug because mine broke during the transport.
I started tennis lessons.
I started saying I.
And annoying all those close to me with details of my life. (I say annoy, but they have asked me a lot of times to talk to them, I'm not too confortable with telling everyone how my day has been. I get mixed up, tell always the same thing to the same person and so on.)
I told my best friend how I started going out with my boyfriend of almost 4 years. Apparently I had forgotten so far.
And a lot of other uninteresting things.
Or at least I think so.

Now off I go to look for some crack!Mycroft fic, or well written Lestrade/Sherlock.
The search of the Holy Grail would be much easier.
To find the Holy Grail.

ps: still didn't get permission to name firstborn Galahad, even if I am kidding.


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