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I keep forgetting to post anywhere, but I actually DID enroll in the NaNo, and I managed to complete my 50k...BUT the story isn't done yet.

How have I accomplished this small miracle last November completely escapes me.
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A fic meme I stole from [livejournal.com profile] fengirl88

Ok, here we go )
*sprinkles love on flist*

Anyone wants a glass of Champagne? I still have some left and I feel I have some more celebrating to do.
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100th LJ post!

NaNo is finally over for me, and with a painful, long-suffered victory.

30 days, 93 pages, 50,081 words, 276,218 characters, 500g of Belgian Chocolates, one Windows crash & reboot (today, the bastard had to die TODAY!) three seasons of Enterprise and countless cups of tea later, I am done. Finished, finito, finis!

Now I have some free time. I am afraid I don't remember what I can do with it anymore.

Maybe I should start a caffeine-detox routine.
I'll need someone to sit on me and hold me down while I beg for 'another cup of tea, please, I need my darjeeling!'

Or maybe I could sleep. Hm, sleep sounds heavenly. When was the last time I slept well?
October you say? October, then.

I can read all those delicious fanfiction I have been denying myself (only these last few days :P ).

I could go and do the Christmas shopping. Decorate the flat!

Or... I could go and buy myself shoes. Yes. THESE. )


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