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And I start the new year by... posting something I wrote last year! (well, yesterday, but still, in 2010!)

I also have a vegan recipe to use the leftover champagne, and I assure that normal humour and/or Lestrade/Sherlock services will be restored as soon as possible.

Rating: R
Pairing: Jim/John
Word Count: 221B
Warnings: mentions of Knife Play, Asphyxiation, a bit Dub-Con (well, it IS Moriarty, after all. I have to let him out and play on his terms from time to time)
A/N: Inspired by the brilliant drawings by [livejournal.com profile] sadynax, if you haven't seen them GO, NOW!!! And by both the remix meme and the Random Pairing Generator insistence. Also a recent obsession fuelled by [livejournal.com profile] crocodile_eat_u, you know I'm going to be dedicating *every* Moriarty fic to you, right?
Title: Not Even If My Life Depended On It )
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In the ongoing quest to give Gatiss!Mycroft some love... this time I give him eye-candy! (and isn't that great for a diet?!)

Well, written for this, anonimously at first, on the kinkmeme:

Rating: R
Pairing: Not!Anthea/Molly + voyeur Mycroft
Word Count: 1034
Summary: Mycroft is on a diet, Anthea helps him take his mind off food.
Title: Of Chocolate Éclairs and Riding Crops )
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I just had this image engraved in my mind, and while I took my shower I kept playing with words until it was all rounded up and perfect.
I love writing perfect 100 words drabbles. When they are complete in every way (plot, implications, grammar, adjectives) I'm a very happy author.
I also know that I could have stretched this into a fic, but it would have been just that: stretching, and I much rather have a short but concentrated drabble, dribbling innuendos, than a long fic with a poor sex scene. Because, let's admit it, without the other V's help, I cannot write porn.
Life is cruel, and my shyness rules my writing skills.

Rating: R (to err on the safe side)
Pairing: Sherlock/John, Mycroft/John implied so feebly you might miss if you wink, so please don't wink
Word Count: 100
Title: Sibling Rivalry )
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Because I cannot help myself with the kinkmeme...
Ah, but the prompt was so perfect!
"5 differences between Sherlock and Mycroft, and one way in which they are just the same." Which is also going to be the title because I'm lazy that way.
Anyway, I read the prompt and thought: 'easy! bent over a desk!' (but this is not about that because I really don't like the idea of Mycroft bottoming... especially with Lestrade. ahahaha. NO)

Rating: R
Pairing: Threesome: Mycroft/John/Sherlock
Word Count: 1279
Title: Differences )


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