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You know when you move, you pack all your belongings in boxes, throw away a lot of stuff you no longer think are important or useful, and you find things you thought were lost forever? It's the perfect opportunity for a bit of spring cleaning.

I know from firsthand experience, since we moved two weeks ago. (We have unpacked everything but a box of shoes, despite the toddler's 'help'.)

Now I am doing the same to my blog. Since I copied ALL of my posts from livejournal over here, and I plan to delete my lj account, I'll only be doing the editing once, over here.

I'm starting from the dawn of time (at least from 2004, which is when I opened my account), tagging posts, polishing and reposting fic I COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY FORGOT ABOUT* on AO3, and probably deleting broken links and rants.

Please do NOT browse any tag other than BBC Sherlock related ones, as I might have rushed through a few crappy posts just for tags, and than realised I might not keep them.

[* The main reason is that they are 13 years old. Teenager fics. All pimply, unbetaed and ungrammatical. Quite nightmarish.]
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Gently spicy = Spicy. Reach for the water and bread.
Mildly spicy = Quite spicy, get the tissues.
Spicy = Watery eyes, cannot feel the taste of anything else in your dinner.
Very spicy = Be a good dragon imitation for the rest of the evening.
Extremely spicy = Say goodbye to your sense of taste for at least a week. At least your sinuses are clear.
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This will probably sound like a really bad cliché, but it's true (sadly? funnily? you decide).

As I might have mentioned, the boyfriend is working for a company implementing internet security...
Long story short, biggest conglomeration of geeks ever. (And yes, they do call themselves geeks).

The floor my fiancé works at has decided to buy a top of the range espresso machine, (split between all of them it wasn't so expensive) and they have a cupboard with coffee pods (?) of every possible brand to be found on either side of the French border (living 20km from it has its advantages, I reckon), perfectly organised with prices per pod and a schedule to refurbish the cupboard.

Today the espresso machine broke.

It was chaos, mayhem and despair all over the floor (ok, I might be exaggerating a bit) for the major caffeine withdrawal.

They held a funeral (mock, but I'm not joking, they really did!) for the espresso machine before calling technical support.

-------And I don't even like coffee.
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100th LJ post!

NaNo is finally over for me, and with a painful, long-suffered victory.

30 days, 93 pages, 50,081 words, 276,218 characters, 500g of Belgian Chocolates, one Windows crash & reboot (today, the bastard had to die TODAY!) three seasons of Enterprise and countless cups of tea later, I am done. Finished, finito, finis!

Now I have some free time. I am afraid I don't remember what I can do with it anymore.

Maybe I should start a caffeine-detox routine.
I'll need someone to sit on me and hold me down while I beg for 'another cup of tea, please, I need my darjeeling!'

Or maybe I could sleep. Hm, sleep sounds heavenly. When was the last time I slept well?
October you say? October, then.

I can read all those delicious fanfiction I have been denying myself (only these last few days :P ).

I could go and do the Christmas shopping. Decorate the flat!

Or... I could go and buy myself shoes. Yes. THESE. )
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Morning, about 0830, just about time for sunrise, I was awake so I looked up to see the sky light up and become blue, but... SURPRISE! More snow!

Small snowflakes today, but persistent little buggers, they are remaining on the ground!

So, a couple of pictures from my window, plus the curious cat.

smallish picspam )

And I'm typing away on my NaNo, not really confident I can reach the 50k goal this year, but I won't give up.
It's called stubborness, but like every good Capricorn, I will insist it's a good trait.
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Am I the only responsible adult around that eats the ends of sliced bread?
Because it's unbelievably annoying when you get a packet from the shelf that contains only 2 slices of the original 24 and those two are both ends.

I'm starting to be pissed off.
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I know that NaNoWriMo is in November, and I don't know whether to partecipate or not. I've never been so prolific in writing as I've been right now, but the idea of a single, long project scares me. Terrifies me, actually. I stare at the page, counting the words, panicking. It's no good.
But then... last night I opened up a word document, without a single idea in mind, and started typing a fic for my best friend's birthday (that was the 8th, but this is not the point). When I judged that I was finished I looked up the word count. 3130 words. And without even breaking a sweat. Or much effort, the words simply rolled from my mind to my fingers and then the screen. It just took me a long time to type.
It was also the first time that something written in a single time turns out so well.
It's a RPS fic in Italian, so I doubt anyone would want to read it, and it's just a bit of ANGST for nothing, but with me it's either that or humour. And I do humour writing with her as well. So, Angst it was.

Anyway, I'm up for some calculations.
This month I've written:
1645 words in the first chapter of the Lestrade/Sherlock
896 in the second chapter
1099 in the third chapter
3130 in the fic for my friend
1279 in the MH/JW/SH
181 in the drabble
1629 in the fic with the cat
2072 in the fic about the phone

for a grand total of 11921 words so far. An average above a 1000 words a day.
Even if it isn't enough for the NaNoWriMo, it's more than half. And certainly more than what I'm used to.
I will put some effort to finish those chapters now...

J.D.Salinger post (this is fun!)
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Or how is it possible to have inspiration and not write a single word on my .docx document containing the Lestrade/Sherlock on which I'm supposed to be working on.
Last night I had the biggest inspiration! And since it was so late, I didn't want to turn the netbook on and start typing for fear of:
A. getting sidetracked,
B. making another late night

Obviously I didn't consider the discomfort of writing down on a pad, on my bed, and with a cat snuggling against my legs (he got to be comfortable, but left me little space, he's grown BIG).
I think I might have written for an hour, I completely filled four pages, and knowing myself, they will end up doubled during the passage to digital.
The problem is, my fic was supposed to be made up of two different moments. One was the first time Sherlock and Lestrade met (and how they hit it off. Possibly followed by how Lestrade cut him off for a while), the second how they got back... to whatever they were before John arrived.
The four pages want to be a third chapter in between those five years, something about their addictions, to cigarettes and to each other, how Lestrade wants to give up one and cannot without giving up the other.

Ah, it all sounds so complicated. And confusing!
I don't know. I will sleep on it.
Maybe cook on it first.

I read a while this afternoon, and got sucked into this:

I write like
Arthur Conan Doyle

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I don't know whether to feel flattered, amused, disappointed or what else.
The coincidence is probably just that, a coincidence. But...
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Windows 7 (preinstalled, and my fiancée won't let me put linux on the netbook because he wouldn't be here to help should something stop working) is being annoyingly smug at me. It states the obvious, something I can barely tolerate in my mother, why should I endure from my computer?

Also, I feel a gravitational pull towards dramatic long names for folders.
The only upside of not having Windows 3.1 anymore I guess. (still, I miss it)

The cat always knows how and where to find me when he wants to be petted and then cuddled into sleep, it might have something to do with me letting him use me as a pillow. But he's warm and I'm always complaining about the cold. And unlike my hot water bottle, he purrs.
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Today it was just the usual (without rain for a pleasant surprise!).

And since I'm always complaining like an 80-years-old...

I think I might be developing a bit of a sore throat, which isn't so good, especially since I haven't been ill since I arrived in France.
I know it's just a month, but factoring in the climate change, the different language and general bureaucracy stress caused to the average Erasmus, plus my natural inclination to adopt and nurture the slightest bug, it's nothing short of a miracle that I haven't fallen ill before!

The cat has adopted the habit of sleeping on my bed during the day and in the laundry basket at night. I don't mind, he's a clean house cat and the clothes are there to be washed and already covered in cat hairs.
Also, the contents of my wardrobe gravitate towards white and jedi-approved colours (so, not exactly colours) apart from underwear and socks, but my flatmate favours dark colours and above all black. (ah, it's like I'm living with a 19 years-old French version of myself! She even reads fanfiction! -but het- Now I feel like M. did meeting me!)
Obviously, the cat is VERY white.
He just has two stripy spots on his head and 90% of his tail.

Today at Uni we watched Chabrol's adaptation of Mme Bovary.
Not bad, but you feel every minute of the 2h30 of it.
It's for a class of General and Compared Litterature: The Adaptation of a Novel to a Film.
The Biblio/Filmography is enormous, and includes at least 4 different movie adaptations of Mme Bovary.
The upside is seeing a clip from Monthy Python and the Holy Grail in class. Used as an example of adaptation of the medieval world. (long story, really, but it's bound to draw a smile).
I just wish our professor would stop wearing his really tight-fitting shirts. You're a professor at University, not a pole dancer in a gay club.

And completely unrelated, I'm cancelling the subscription to the writer's block suggestion on LJ. Today's was offering a choice.
Would I rather be really intelligent and averagely rich or viceversa?
Really intelligent without even blinking.
And not because I already am quite smart (and absolutely NOT modest at all regarding my IQ).
But because if you are really incredibly intelligent you can become rich. Just go to a casino and count the cards at BlackJack.
I am disappointed by the stupid question.
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There's something wrong.
I'm eating, better, but not really carefully less, if anything I feel like I'm eating more and more of the things I like lately. And considering the fact that here's at least 5°C colder than what I'd like it to be
Apparently I'm also losing weight.
I'm talking about the kick ass jeans I bought last week that were 50% off. Now they give up to gravity and slowly sink towards my ankles.
They were fine when I bought them, I brought them home and washed them at 30°C, using fabric softener. (not like what my flatmate did with the other pair, which ended up in a washing cycle at 60°C when their label clearly states 40°)
I have to wear a belt. On my new jeans. And I'm in that week of the month in which to feel bloaty and water retentive.
I guess I should be happy about finally shedding those last pounds that were annoying me but... :|

Also, the cat tried to gain his freedom. By exploring my skylight and almost falling down the roof. I've never been more scared! He was barely within my reach!
But now he's safe and sound inside, destroying the curtains like there's no tomorrow. Or chasing his own tail. I'd better check what he's doing to make all this racket.
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It might be the relatively small distance, or the fact that the Bretons don't feel any more French than an Irishman would feel British, but Brittany is a middle ground between the two countries.

There's the weather which is rather on the coldish side for me, the overenthusiastic rain that hasn't ceased for more than 30 minutes in the last three days, and the Breton's attitude towards it. When someone says "il fait beau!" it's the exact counterpart to the British "the weather is nice today". Both meaning it's not raining at that precise moment. No reference to half an hour before, or implication to the looming grey stormclouds above.

Brittany is better under the food aspect, I guess. Baguettes are a national treasure to my eyes, and a food that everyone associates with France, the crêpes, has its origins here.
I found a nice vegan alternative that is an hybrid between a crêpe and an oatcake (even if I've never tasted one of those) that has exactly the same taste. Even better, because there is no faint taste of egg.

However, it's still in France and the downsides are little, but do make the road bumpy.
Still speaking about food, it's a bit more difficult to be a vegan here than in the UK, it's especially hard to find a good vegetable cheese. (I know, with being in France, being tempted by hundreds of different cheeses... Newsflash, not everybody knows it, but in Italy there are also hundreds of different types of cheese. And wine. It's just that we don't brag as much)
The rest is ok, apart from being surrounded by Frenchmen. (I'm joking!)
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I have moved to France a month ago.
On the 1st of September I hopped on a flight from Nice to Rennes to start my Erasmus year in said town.
Big change, but not an enormous one.
I found a two-bedroom apartment near the centre of town and a flatmate so we could both afford it.
(sadly reminiscing about Arthur Conan Doyle here!)
I got possession of the upstairs bedroom and acquainted myself with the cat. Then with the flatmate.
My first days are a bit hard, I'm not used to speaking French continuously, and my vocabulary is lacking a great deal of words. English swoops in and saves the day once more.

I'm here with a new netbook (bought 2 days before my departure, so I didn't have enough time to tinker with it as I'd liked) and so I left a lot, a LOT of things home.
Like, the contents of my hard disk, a coat, my shirts and more unnecessary but comforting things you like to have with you.

The only thing I brought with me were the episodes of BBC's series Sherlock, which I've watched a total of 3 times by now, and am convinced I'll watch them again before the next season is aired next year.

I became vegan.
I bought a new water filter jug because mine broke during the transport.
I started tennis lessons.
I started saying I.
And annoying all those close to me with details of my life. (I say annoy, but they have asked me a lot of times to talk to them, I'm not too confortable with telling everyone how my day has been. I get mixed up, tell always the same thing to the same person and so on.)
I told my best friend how I started going out with my boyfriend of almost 4 years. Apparently I had forgotten so far.
And a lot of other uninteresting things.
Or at least I think so.

Now off I go to look for some crack!Mycroft fic, or well written Lestrade/Sherlock.
The search of the Holy Grail would be much easier.
To find the Holy Grail.

ps: still didn't get permission to name firstborn Galahad, even if I am kidding.


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