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General disclaimer: I own nothing and no one, if I did it would be slavery, and they tell me it's not good.

You could either go to my AO3 account or click over here )
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Another find in my Google Drive folders...

Actually, I have two versions of this drabble, a serious one (this), and a more humourous one...

Rating: Pg-13
Pairing: Gabriel!Dean/Sam
Word Count: 383
Warnings: Almost incest
Summary: Sam has a guilty fantasy, Gabriel helps him realise it safely.
Title: From Fantasy to Reality )
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Something else that was floating around in my inbox, which I more or less finished but never polished... Unbetaed, but out for the world to see.

Rating: Pg-13
Pairing: Lestrade/Sherlock
Word Count: 1951
Warnings: Depiction of violence, mentions of suicide, but nothing applies to the boys
Summary: This Sunday was by no means unlike a dozen others, the two of them under Lestrade’s duvet, sitting side by side at the head of the bed, each of them engrossed in his own laptop.
A gruesome death bothers the DI, while Sherlock seems unaffected by it.
Title: Duvet Day )
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I finished sprucing up this blog...
The links should all be working, my fics should all be formatted properly, tagged, spellchecked and crossposted to AO3, tags should have been wrangled, and embarrassing stuff should have been removed or hidden into an aptly named Google Drive folder: Old Fics of SHAME!!!, for your entertainment information.

I'll fix what needs fixing, repost what bears reposting, make public what should be and hide under the friendlist!carpet what is more personal.

Feel free to browse the NEW! UPDATED! and EXPANDED! Fic Masterlist.

Fun fact: after posting some - this bears repeating - 13 years old drabbles on AO3, I noticed that at least ONE person liked them (YAY) but.... apparently NOONE liked one of my favourite Moriarty fic. I understand, that one was hard to love. But it breaks my little (black) heart.

EDIT: Aaaaand I've given my 60 days notice to my livejournal. Bye bye.
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As I was looking for a fic missing from my Fic Masterlist that I was adamant I had posted (I had, I just forgot to put a link to it ANYWHERE on my lj), I found 3 more that were finished and wrapped and ready to be double-checked and posted.

So, straight from 2012 (I think), another Sherlock fic.

Rating: Pg
Pairing: Lestrade/Mycroft
Word Count: 3435
Summary: Mycroft is obsessed, not that he'd ever admit it, even to himself. Lestrade is pissed off by his antics.
Title: Obsessed )
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You know when you move, you pack all your belongings in boxes, throw away a lot of stuff you no longer think are important or useful, and you find things you thought were lost forever? It's the perfect opportunity for a bit of spring cleaning.

I know from firsthand experience, since we moved two weeks ago. (We have unpacked everything but a box of shoes, despite the toddler's 'help'.)

Now I am doing the same to my blog. Since I copied ALL of my posts from livejournal over here, and I plan to delete my lj account, I'll only be doing the editing once, over here.

I'm starting from the dawn of time (at least from 2004, which is when I opened my account), tagging posts, polishing and reposting fic I COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY FORGOT ABOUT* on AO3, and probably deleting broken links and rants.

Please do NOT browse any tag other than BBC Sherlock related ones, as I might have rushed through a few crappy posts just for tags, and than realised I might not keep them.

[* The main reason is that they are 13 years old. Teenager fics. All pimply, unbetaed and ungrammatical. Quite nightmarish.]
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I keep forgetting to post anywhere, but I actually DID enroll in the NaNo, and I managed to complete my 50k...BUT the story isn't done yet.

How have I accomplished this small miracle last November completely escapes me.
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Just a short 221B that I had on my google drive and forgot to tweak. Now freshly trimmed into the 221B format. Enjoy.

Oh, I didn't realize I've never used Jim/Mycroft as a tag. And my brain and my WIP folder on the old pc are full of this pairing! This must be remedied.

Rating: Pg
Pairing: Mycroft/Moriarty
Word Count: 221B
Summary: By now Mycroft has learned how to deal with Moriarty in bed.
Title: Gagged )
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Having realized that I am one of those people who forget to check their accounts for months - no, years - at a time, I decided to drop by and finally claim at least one post on this DW account.
I have half a mind to tidy up my HDD and do like every good little scribbler and post my old fics on AO3 (in case anyone wants to read them and boo (: ).
I also wanted to leave one visible post here.
DW is great for one thing, it can store the whole 50k words of my 2010 NaNo fic in a locked post only I can see.
Well, off to bed with me.
A kiss, dear internet. I haven't forgotten you; have you forgotten me?
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Careful, the following might be mildly insulting and/or repetitive in points.
This is what I'd like to say every time someone asks me for computer advice, and or calls panicking for help (luckily, it doesn't happen often).

The foolproof guide to a virus-free computer )

Then it occurred to me, that Sherlock might have left a similar memo on the lab's computers.
It would read like:

Sherlock’s guide to a virus-free computer for the complete moron )
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I got absolutely sick of this sitting in my WIP folder, so I'm kicking it on stage for all the world to see (at least those masochistic enough to want to read it).

Rating: Pg-13
Characters: Lestrade, Sherlock, Mycroft
Word Count: 660
Summary: Quitting smoking with Sherlock was a warpath, an adventure and a secret affair. It was exciting and it could get him in trouble in five different ways, and that was probably why Lestrade went along with it in the first place.
Title: An Unconventional Affair )
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Gently spicy = Spicy. Reach for the water and bread.
Mildly spicy = Quite spicy, get the tissues.
Spicy = Watery eyes, cannot feel the taste of anything else in your dinner.
Very spicy = Be a good dragon imitation for the rest of the evening.
Extremely spicy = Say goodbye to your sense of taste for at least a week. At least your sinuses are clear.
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Rating: Pg-13
Characters: Jim Moriarty, Sebastian Moran
Word Count: 221
A/N: a quick drabble for [livejournal.com profile] crocodile_eat_u, because today it's her birthday!!!
Title: Knife )
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And posting here my contribution to TGIO for March, where the theme was OLDER/YOUNGER.

This story is not exactly original as it is inspired by what happened between my father and his baby brother a long time ago.
If you have already read the entries over at [livejournal.com profile] thegameison_sh, you might remember it as #25.

Rating: Pg
Characters: Sherlock, Mycroft, Mummy, Lestrade (a wink to Mycroft/Lestrade too)
Word Count: 750
Summary: Only few people are aware of that tiny scar on Mycroft's thigh; fewer still have asked how he got it, and Mycroft never told anyone.
Title: Old Memories )
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Rating: G
Characters: Mycroft and Sherlock
Word Count: 450
Summary: Mycroft and Sherlock are forced to take the bus to move from A to B.
A/N: A bit of silliness born out of the mind of [livejournal.com profile] crocodile_eat_u and mine while we were on the bus ourselves.
Title: Mycroft and Sherlock Take the Bus )
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I am almost back! I promise! *shifty eyes* I need a proper post to celebrate Italy beating France today! I mean, REALLY!!! I still can't believe it! And something for my trip to London and home, hmm, and finally something new after a (much needed) brain reboot.
My brain was/is/(I have no idea) kind of stuck on John/Mycroft fluff-ish fics. WTF?

Rating: Pg
Pairing: John/Mycroft (I try to write Lestrade but it never sounds right lately)
Word Count: 650
Summary: Mycroft had only gone to the surgery to talk to John in private; it became a full check-up as soon as he absentmindedly mentioned his headaches and the last time he had the time to get himself examined.
A/N: This one is a quick birthday present for [livejournal.com profile] 2ndskin, who asked for glasses!porn. Sorry, still unable to draft proper porn, but I offer the rare sight of John in glasses for you collection.
Title: Headache )
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Posting here for archivial purposes this month's contribution to [livejournal.com profile] thegameison_sh. The theme was LOVE.

Rating: Pg-13
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Word count: 716
Summary: Only Sherlock Holmes would run to the dictionary after having someone declare their love for him.
Title: Semantics )
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Can I leave Moriarty alone for a day?
Oh, god, no.
Hope that answers any remaining equiries as to my mental health.

Rating: G
Pairing: Molly/Jim
Word Count: 221B
Summary: It was too easy to dismiss Molly as the sweet, shy, insignificant morgue attendant.
Title: Molly Hooper )
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Finally presenting you the fic I wrote as a pinch-hitter for [livejournal.com profile] sherlockmas, a strange hybrid of fluff, humour and case fic (that fails at all three genres) which is some sort of spinoff of another - much longer - fic.
On a side note: I just noticed that I had to create a John/Mycroft tag for this. Really? *double checks lj* I've never... this pairing before?
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Rating: Pg
Pairing: a hint to Mycroft/John with an extra serving of unclearly jealous!Sherlock
Word Count: 3174
Warnings: Careful, I might try to be humorous with royalty.
A/N: written for: [livejournal.com profile] chibifukurou. Quickly betaed by [livejournal.com profile] 2ndskin and co-betaed and britpicked by [livejournal.com profile] crocodile_eat_u really lightening fast! (do I tell you often enough how much I love you, girls?)
Summary: One of the Queen's beloved dogs go missing. A resident of 221B sets out to find it, and it's not Sherlock.
Title: The Case of the Missing Dog )
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Time for more CRACKFIC, I reckon.
So, ladies, gentlemen and genderconfused lurkers...

Warning: contains absolute and senseless crack, reference to most characters, a lot of strange things implied. And GLITTERY/HEARTY/SPARKLY/OVERSIZED text.

For you, [livejournal.com profile] fengirl88, who asked so politely, and for everyone else who wanted more rambling!Anderson.

Anderson's Diary, Part 2/? )
ps: this picks up directly after the end of part 1, which you may find HERE


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